There has been a clear jump in the use of meditation apps. 14.2 percent of American adults are saying they have meditated within the past year, a threefold increase from 4.1 percent in 2012 (CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics).

The reason that Headspace gets my vote over apps like Calm is because of the courses. There are endless courses you can take. I find it interesting that Headspace chose to use the word “courses” to describe the meditation series. These meditation sessions are really like a teacher is personally guiding you through the meditation.

Loading page

The app is easy to use and very straightforward. It is beautiful to look at and features simple yet insightful stats sporadically.

One of the reasons that I am so deeply connected with this app is because Headspace does not take themselves too seriously. When I see the orange circle on my home screen it immediately calms me down.

Home screen

The people who run the courses have great voices. I do wish that you could choose which voice would guide you through each individual meditation session though. Hopefully this feature will be added in an update soon. The instructor’s voice will ultimately come down to personal preference though.

I have recently started utilizing the “Everyday Headspace” meditation which is a great place to start for beginners. As the name suggests, everyday there is a unique guided meditation aimed to get you in the right state of mind.

Arguably, the best feature is sleep mode. There are specially designed stories that help you fall asleep. The stories are slightly different each and every night. Each story is targeted to help with different struggles. The “sleepcast” you see below, “Rainday Antiques”, is my go to.

The speaker has a deep raspy voice which is very calming. Some other great sleepcasts are “Indigo Gallery” and “Snowville.” Every sleepcast has a different instructor which means it may take you a couple of nights to find the one that best suits you!

Sleep mode

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