Que Water Bottle

Drinking more water is clearly important. The effects of being properly hydrated are astonishing. Water can help prevent cancer, help with your mood, weight loss, performance, and works to limit headaches.

If you are like me, it can sometimes be a drag to carry around a bottle with you all day, however, I still do not want to be harmful to the planet and use plastic bottles. What should you do?

I decided it was time to invest in a water bottle that would go with me everywhere. The water bottle of choice is the Que Bottle.

Today, we all already have our pockets jam packed with so much stuff that adding anything to that load sounds burdensome. However, the collapsable design of this water bottle makes it easy to throw in your bag or on your desk. The standard bottle is 12oz with a larger option of 20oz available.

The bottle is made from high quality silicone, is dishwasher safe, taste and odor free, as well as leak proof. I have to admit, it actually is leak proof. That alone would make the bottle worth a serious look.

Another highly underrated feature of this water bottle that has to be mentioned is the wide-mouth design. This makes drinking from the bottle extremely easy and spill-proof.

Before this bottle I was using a Soma bottle and I loved it. I liked the design of this bottle more than the Que. However, the glass top always concerned me. The Que bottle is more robust and never poses a problem.


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