What Is Porsche’s Vision for the Future of Motorsport?

With electric cars dominating the conversation about a more eco-conscious future, the current world of motorsport is going to have to change. But what will that change look like? Well, this is Porsche's Vision for the Future of Motorsport. Credit: Porsche Motorsport

The Timeless Tom Ford Card Holder

Finding a wallet you like is always a challenge. This card holder from Tom Ford may be all you need. If you are the type of person that usually uses cards, then you really do not need a billfold wallet. A billfold is cumbersome and only serves to slow you down. Instead, consider opting for… Continue reading The Timeless Tom Ford Card Holder

My Work-From-Home Desk Setup

Now that essentially all work is being done from home, there has never been a better time to make your dream desk setup. Being a college student, the needs for my desk are vast. Sometimes I will be doing research, or editing a photo, or reading a report, or simply watching a youtube video. This… Continue reading My Work-From-Home Desk Setup