The serenity of our daily lives is often disturbed by uncontrollable things. For example, enjoying a walk along the beach only to be disturbed by a construction crew building a new hotel. The ambiance of a restaurant becomes distorted from the relentless honking out the window. The lifelessness of the morning commute worsened by the clashing of your keys.

You cannot control the loud construction sites or the traffic outside, but why not control the things you can? Orbitkey solves the problem of those clashing spare keys.

Orbitkey uses a simple strap of either leather, rubber, or canvas attached using a bolt, to clench your spare keys together to prevent them from making noise. The device can hold anywhere between 2-7 keys or accessories. Orbitkey offers a range of accessories to curate your unique needs.

The accessories include a travel kit, nail file and mirror, bottle opener, multitool, as well as a USB with various storage options. (8gb or 32gb)

The leather strap is very well made. Comparing it to a TapandDye camera strap or Hodinkee watch strap, the leather does not seem as plush, but for the daily use this product goes through the leather is more than sufficient. I have had mine for 3 years and it is holding up very well. There are signs of normal use which are shown in the pictures below.

There is a rubber strap. This is a member of the “active” collection. The name of this collection is slightly strange considering it is the only collection that is not named after the materials in use. The leather collection is simply called leather and the canvas collection is simply called canvas. Notwithstanding, the rubber strap is the same design as the leather and canvas straps. I think out of the three materials, the rubber strap is the worst out of the bunch.

The rubber sticks to the inside of your pockets and you end up struggling to take your keys out of your pockets. The leather and canvas straps are much easier to use on a daily basis.

The keys are held in place with a tension system. Insert a coin into the top and rotate to tighten. You can set the tension to your exact preference. This means you are in control of how easily your keys flip out of the strap. The higher the tension, the harder it is to take a key out.


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