Why Evernote Is My Go To App

There has never been a time that we rely on our technology more than right now. In the midst of a global pandemic our technology is acting as our way to connect with the world. In times when everything seems to be so hectic, it is important to keep track of everything in your world. Everything from future plans, notes on a project, articles you want to read, and lists you need to complete. If you are anything like me you want to have all of these things, and more, in one organized area (obviously). This way you are never too far from your stuff. I have found that the very best system for keeping tracking of everything in my life is a program called Evernote.

The founder of Evernote, Stepan Pachikov, “recognized three things the human brain does: it remembers the past, builds connections, and creates new ideas for the future.” This led to the three main goals of Evernote.

Evernote can act as a place for you to put any and everything that you collect in your life. Receipts, cool articles, bank statements, passwords, old photos, literally anything that you want to remember you can keep in Evernote. If you save something that is already in the virtual world then you have immediate access to in-document search. This means if you upload a bank statement, and want to find a specific transaction, you simply search for the transcription in the search bar and it will highlight the exact transaction you searched for in the document. However, what happens if you wish to upload something that is not in the virutal world. Well, Evernote has thought of everything. They have a scan feature that allows the camera on your smartphone to scan the document into the Evernote platform. After the document is scanned in, you then have access to the same incredible search feature that you did before. This feature allows you to take your physical documents and turn them into interactive virtual versions.

Evernote Scan Feature

Evernote has two main ways of organizing your stuff. The first is through notebooks, which is my method of choice. You can simply create a notebook for a project, idea, collection, plan, or whatever else you may want, and put notes in that notebook. Simple. You can take it a step further and add a tag layer to your organization if you so choose. This means that in addition to using notebooks, you also tag the note with relevant terms. The benefit of using tags is that it allows you to be able to cross-search your entire library, and pull specific notes across all your notebooks that share a common tag.

My favorite thing about Evernote is that there are enough options to get what I want done, and very little excess stuff to bloat the program and make it complicated. Don’t get me wrong, there are countless ways to take notes, but they are all well integrated. This means that if you want a note to just contain a PDF, done. If you want to have a complex spreadsheet with conditions and a matrix of sorting options, done. Or maybe you don’t want to do any work and want to just let your device record a conversation for a later date, it can do that as well. You see, there are a wide variety of features that Evernote has incorporated into the program, but they are all easy to understand and use. This makes it feel simple and purposeful. There is not one way to take notes in Evernote, but there also is not an overwhelming amount of options. This is why Evernote is so superior.

Evernote Note Example

In todays virtual world, there are a lot of different apps that we are asked to use on a daily basis. Whether this be an app we want to use for personal use or an app we have to use for work or school. Keeping up with them all can be challenging. Luckily, Evernote has thought of how to remedy this problem as well. Evernote has worked with a variety of other programs to make sure they all communicate with each other. Gmail can pair directly with you Evernote account to make saving, sending, sharing, and editing notes a painless process. Evernote also works with apps such as Outlook, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and Google Drive.

Evernote App Integrations

I have not found a program that can handle everything I throw at it quite like Evernote. No matter what I am working on, it is updated on all my devices ready for me to get to work. I am able to take notes in whatever form I need for the circumstance. Most importantly, there are no excess features that are slowing down and making the program too confusing. It is simple, easy, and most importantly reliable.


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