Companies That Get It

Just a short list of some companies that not only make great products but engage with us, the consumers. Owning and using a product is great, but when you can actually have an impact on the future of the company, there is an extra layer of trust and loyalty.

I have compiled a list of companies that I have personally experienced this sense of connection with.

  1. Porsche– Porsche is the perfect example of a company that gets it. Want unmatched speed and performance figures that are unrivaled… go for a GT car. Want speed and style without sacrificing comfort and the Turbo line is perfect for you. Want the most exuberant and passionate experience on the market and the GTS line is a match. If a manual gearbox is your thing you can have it or you can have a PDK which is the best automatic transmission on the market. Porsche has listened to what the customers want and have answered. 
  2. Martin– Martin guitars are timeless and packed with character. Playing a Martin guitar is as if you are experiencing the company’s rich history in one sitting. Icons consistently choose a Martin acoustic guitar to be their axe of choice because it is flat out the best. As a result Martin has a had many talented musicians give them feedback which they are able to incorporate into their newer models for us all to enjoy. 
  3. Nomos– This small Germany watchmaker produces unique, bauhaus inspired, clean watches. Everything that comes out of Glashuette is meticulously agonized over and thought through. These watches can hold their own to any of the big name watch brands. Rolex, Omega, Grand Seiko… Nomos is neck and neck. Considering almost everything is done in house, it is hard to find a better value proposition. 
  4. Mr. Porter– Talking about companies that get it, the gents at Mr. Porter are the creme de la creme. Coined as The Men’s Style Destination, it is truly the one stop shop for everything a dapper man could ever need. Not only is the catalogue expansive, the items are of the utmost quality. However, the real reason they get the nod from me as a company that gets it is because of the stellar customer service. Any question, problem, or concern you could ever have, a knowledgeable agent is waiting to help you. On top of all of that, they hold events every so often where you can RSVP and enjoy spending time with other likeminded gentleman. 
  5. Nespresso– Nespresso has made it easy to make an espresso coffee without sacrificing quality and depleting your bank account. With free next day delivery on coffee orders and a wide variety of machines and coffees it is challenging to find a better alternative. 
  6. Rapha– The first objective of Rapha’s was to make The World’s Finest Cycling Clothing. Now they have a cult following for exclusive trips, clothing, cafes, and rides for Rapha Club Members. This video is not only gorgeous but provides some insight into the people and objectives of the company.

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