The Everyday Carry

The only fitting way to start off is with a review of the products I carry everyday.

These products are used daily; they are the toughest and most curated products I own. These well thought-out purchases are with me everyday.

While most Everyday Carry (or EDC) posts are aimed at selling you products, I am more focused on the way they fit into my life and how you can curate your EDC to fit your lifestyle and needs.

I carry my iPhone XS, my MaximumHenry wallet, my handkerchief, my Moscot glasses, and lastly a watch.

There are countless reviews online about the iPhone XS from people who are much more knowledgeable than me so I will spare you the details. Basically, it is from Apple. It works with my MacBook Pro and iPad Pro. I use the iPhone upgrade program so I can always have the newest phone. I use the basic leather Apple iPhone case. (I have found that when you stick with something that works, it usually is not worth changing it often.) This case works well for me. It looks great, is slim enough, and gains a beautiful patina as I use it. Currently I am sporting the green color.


My wallet is a simple MaximumHenry wallet. It is a billfold and has two slots for cards. I have struggled to find a good wallet but can say with confidence that this one will never let you down.

MaximumHenry does not make a ton of products. They focus mostly on belts with some other leather goods.

I chose a tan color as it will break in with my usage. Having truly authentic products is essential to me. (I had one of my favorite quotes engraved into the inside of the wallet. Usually it is plain, similar to the left side)


My handkerchief is one of the most important parts of my EDC. It is not common to see people using one anymore so it draws some curious eyes. It has a sort of an old school elegance to it though and I will never go a day without it.

If you have never carried a handkerchief before, you probably find it hard to believe you would find a use for it. However, after having it in your back pocket for a day or two you won’t ever be able to go without it.

I love these Moscot Lemtosh glasses immensely. First, I hate contacts. They hurt and you always risk getting something caught on them and then have to fuss to fix it. Glasses just work better for me. Usually with glasses I think they get tossed around and will probably end up breaking either by someone sitting on them or overuse. Not the case with these!

These glasses are timeless, undeniably comfortable and the most well built, overengineered, glasses I have come across. If Moscot had the same home try-on service that Warby Parker has, it would be hard to ever rationalize not having them. (Warby Parker’s home try-on program is amazing by the way. You get to try 5 frames for 5 days completely free!)

I am a sucker for some history so check this out… The Moscot family has been selling glasses since 1899! Hyman Moscot sold glasses out of a push cart on Orchard Street in New York City. The Moscot shop in NYC is STILL on Orchard Street today! This is awesome.

I will now move on from my beloved glasses to the last item on my EDC which is a watch. I am a firm believer that everyone should have a watch. It does not have to be anything crazy or expensive but wear a watch. Yes I know you can check the time on your phone and it is probably more accurate than the machine on your wrist but it does not emit the same feeling of class.

There is something special about having a piece on your wrist. Pick something that speaks to you. You can view a watch as a superficial possession or as an extension of yourself. You can tell the world a little something about yourself by the watch on your wrist. I am not going to hide it, I have a passionate affection for horology. It is bordering on obsessive. Not the point, a watch is a must in my opinion.

Go on Hodinkee, Worn and Wound, or eBay for crying out loud and find a piece that speaks to you, get it, and wear it proudly. A watch connects you with the past, with the present and potentially with the future. It is your key into eternity. Your watch will become part of you and valued in your life. It will give you something to talk about.

(If you need help finding a watch please reach out! It is my passion and I would be happy to help in any way I can.)

Here is my favorite watch I currently own. It is a Nomos Club Campus. It is a great size for daily wear and can be dressed up or down very well.dscf4069


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