My Work-From-Home Desk Setup

Now that essentially all work is being done from home, there has never been a better time to make your dream desk setup. Being a college student, the needs for my desk are vast. Sometimes I will be doing research, or editing a photo, or reading a report, or simply watching a youtube video. This means that my desk needs to be able to handle all those tasks and then some. I think I have come up with a good setup that the meets my needs while still retaining a beautiful aesthetic.Desk SetupThe setup is focused on my MacBook Pro 13″ which is my workhorse computer. I opted for the touchbar which is a nice touch but is rarely utilized. I use this computer for everything. I write all my posts for Curated-Products on it, do research for school, and watch the occasional YouTube video. Currently my MacBook Pro is on a TwelveSouth curve stand. This stand allows my computer to remain at eye level while providing better airflow and freeing up some desk space. I think a computer stand is one of the most essential products to have on your desk.Desk SetupI pair this TwelveSouth curve stand with a TwelveSouth compass pro stand for my iPad. This stand allows for easy viewing access and a perfect home for my iPad. The iPad I have is a 10.5″ iPad Pro. I have the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil to go with it. I have the Smart Keyboard attatched but I rarely use it and the same goes for the Apple Pencil. I would not recommend the Apple Pencil unless you will be doing a lot of drawing on the iPad, which I do not. My lamp is a Lampat desk lamp that I got off Amazon. This lamp is great because it is not expensive, has a USB charger in the back, and has different lighting modes perfect for different types of activities. These modes include – reading, study, relax, and sleep – which all offer a different hue. The last piece of tech on my desk is a Yootech wireless charger that I got off Amazon. I love this charger because it is also a stand. It displays my iPhone at the perfect viewing angle in both portrait and landscape mode. FF29BC20-1683-4448-B704-1E8B339133AA_1_201_aI have a couple fake plants on the desk to lighten the mood and add a pop of color. I think it is important for every desk setup to have some personal touches. Some of my personal items are a flask that I recieved as a gift with a quote from Mark Twain. I also have a personalized notepad with my name on it, and a Inventery Pen which is great because it has a stand so it is always within arms length. My paperweight has a quote from the Dalai Lama. I think it is great to have a paperweight as it can add some personality to the desk while still remaining a useful tool for your workflow. Lastly, I have a desk blotter from Nordik, which I also got on Amazon. It is made from leather and offers a variety of color options. This blotter is a great value proposition and completely changes the mood of the desk.


I hope that sharing my desk setup can provide you with some inspiration and guidance into what you want your desk setup to look like.


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