The Best Print Magazines

Sometimes having a tactile item in your hand is simply better. A photograph is a nice example. Looking at a picture on an iPhone from the 80’s does not provide the same sensation that holding an actual photograph printed on card-stock with a coffee stain and tear in the corner does.

The card-stock from the 80’s sounds much more interesting because of it’s character. Now not only does the picture tell a story, but the card-stock tells a story as well.Print is quickly decaying as a result of rapidly growing technology. All forms of print media are being transitioned to the digital realm. While I love the convenience of reading the New York Times in the morning I miss the tactile feel and the unique smell that the physical paper embodies.

First I want to talk about Hodinkee Magazine. Hodinkee is clearly one of my favorite websites, publications, and companies in general. I believe in what they are doing and love the approach they are taking. The website for Hodinkee is mainly focused on wrist watches. Like, hard core watch nerd stuff! The people that occupy the Hodinkee offices are deep into the lifestyle. Vintage cars, Italian shoes, Swiss watches, the whole nine!


The magazine is filled with interesting stories, exquisite photography, and unique people. This could be the centerpiece on your coffee table.

Gear Patrol Magazine is a slightly different story. This magazine focuses on a specific topic for each publication. These topics can range from “The Best Products of 2018” to “Style & Design” to “The American Issue.” Each magazine is printed with Gear Patrol’s classic orange binding.

Gear Patrol Magazine

It is easy to fall into wanting all of the magazines. Gear Patrol does an amazing job making each publication different and interesting while still retaining the integrity and familiarity of the brands core.

Lastly is the Uncrate Magazine. It is impossible to have a more simple idea for a publication. Uncrate took the same format they use on their site, which is a basic photograph with a brief description of the product being featured, and put it on card-stock.

Uncrate Magazine

There is no predicting what will end up on the site or in the magazine. However, what is for certain is that whatever is featured will be the very best and the most unique. At the bottom of the Uncrate site there is a quote by Doug Stephens of Retail Futurist that reads, “If James Bond were to make an app for the stuff he wanted to by, this would be the app.”

I am clearly a fan of these publications and I think you will be too. They make for great conversation starters and are always interesting to read. I recommend each of these for different reasons but think they are all grand-slams.

If you have any questions or want to chat about these magazines or anything else, head to our Share With Us page and reach out! We love hearing from you.


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