Hodinkee Breaks Down The Rolex Daytona

Jack Forester brings you through the history and design of the iconic Rolex. As usual with Hodinkee, top quality stuff here. Hodinkee Rolex Daytonna https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/rolex-daytona-ref-116500ln-review Hodinkee Rolex Daytonna

The Lineup of Omega and Rolex (Part 2)

Now lets take a look at the lineup of watches from the two manufacturers. Omega breaks down their watches into 5 collections. Constellation, De Ville, Seamaster, Specialities, and finally the Speedmaster. The lineup of watches is further broken down with a variety of choices within each collection. Here are some of my favorites from Omega:… Continue reading The Lineup of Omega and Rolex (Part 2)

A Brief History On Omega and Rolex (Part 1)

The battle between Rolex and Omega is one that has baffled me for quite some time. The name Rolex is synonymous with luxury and success. If you ask anyone what is the best watch manufacturer, without hesitation a majority of people will say Rolex. There is just something about it that so many people gravitate… Continue reading A Brief History On Omega and Rolex (Part 1)