Websites All Guys Should Know About

There are a couple websites that I find myself going back to on a daily basis. They are fun, inspirational, informative, and creative. The sites focus on a web aray of topics and each have their own personality. Here are some of my favorite ones.

Uncrate is one of my favorite site. If I am not in the mood to read but want to see some of the coolest products and places this is my go to site.

Valet is a great site for motivation, ideas, and help! That’s right, ValetMag just introduced a new column called “The Inside Man.” This column is run by Sean Hotchkiss who acts as their resident life coach. You are able to email him any personal life concerns as well as read a variety of articles focused on your well-being and health.

Hodinkee is a fan favorite. They are the global leader in luxury watch news, retail, and content creation. They come out with high quality content daily. My favorite section of their site is the “Talking Watches” segment. In this segment, they interview some of the most interesting collectors and dive into the stories behind the watches and the collecting journey.

Gear Patrol– I think Gear Patrol is one of the coolest sites to check out! They have detailed articles on cool stuff. That is the best way to describe it! It is just cool stuff! From cars, watches, coolers, snow sports, drinks, cooking, you name it and they cover it.

These are just a couple sites I have been checking out lately. If you have any that you think would be a nice addition to the list drop a comment and we can all go check them out.


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