Leica Sofort

The world of photography is confusing. There seem to be an endless supply of equally confusing terms. Aperture, aspect ratio, bokeh, depth of field, exposure, focal length, focus, ISO, noise, and shutter speed are all terms you will come across when simply researching a camera. While all of these terms are crucial to the understanding of photography and for bettering your photos, with smartphones these terms are becoming more foreign.

Leica is a brand that has a cult following. The cameras that come out of Leica’s German headquarters in Wetzlar are not the most high tech cameras out there. Plenty of other companies have produced cameras with higher megapixels and faster processors. Nikon and Cannon have taken over the DSLR category. Leica’s following, however, is unwaivering.

The people who buy a Leica camera are buying an experience and rich history. The common favorite camera from Leica is the M series. The series has only gone digital in 2006 and is a relative dinosaur but still captures incredible pictures.

This little Sofort camera is not quite the same as the M series cameras. The Sofort is a instant camera. This means that right after you snap the picture, the camera begins printing the shot!


Being able to physically hold a photograph provides a different sense of satisfaction. Looking at a photograph on your phone or computer simply can not give you the same feeling as being able to connect with the photo in your hand.

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